Cocco Lagoon Construction Update: Building Paradise

Another set of Cocco Lagoon buildings is emerging before our eyes! The investment project is progressing, and we want you to witness all the changes.

The first completed structures are already standing, including the Nakupenda Bungalow, fully prepared to welcome the first guests on Pemba.

The focal point of the Cocco Lagoon investment, the Blue Lagoon apartments, is in the midst of significant activity. The plan envisions the creation of 10 apartment buildings within the hotel complex, where most of the work is currently taking place.

Our apartments are taking shape – additional floors are being constructed, and the end of Block A is slowly becoming visible! As you can see, most of the construction is nearly complete. Soon, we will unveil the entire building in all its glory. Even now, you can imagine how splendid the whole complex will look by exploring the finished visualizations in the “Residences” section.

Feel free to check out the photo report to get a closer look.

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