Cocco Lagoon is the first 5* Condo Hotel on Pemba Island, part of the Zanzibar Archipelago. It covers 4 hectares of prime Indian Ocean coastline. It’s located on the first line, right in front of the ocean, on a sandy, white beach. In total, there will be about 150 properties: apartments, bungalows, villas, and penthouses, all designed for comfort and luxury.

Guests will enjoy a host of amenities including a large pool, beach bar, spa, water sports, gym, and more. It’s a blend of modern luxury and natural beauty, surrounded by palm forests and idyllic plantations.

Investing here promises significant returns, with up to 25% annual ROI through short-term rentals. Cocco Lagoon operates as a condominium hotel, expertly managing properties for owners to maximize income.

Pemba Island itself is a paradise with stunning beaches, turquoise waters, and vibrant coral reefs. It’s often called “The Green Island” due to its lush vegetation, making it a haven for relaxation and recreation.


  • Blue Lagoon
  • Heart-shaped Pool
  • Amphitheater
  • 3 Restaurants
  • Beach Bar
  • Water Sports Center
  • Gym
  • Conference and Work Room
  • Children’s Playground
  • Mini Market
  • Medical Office
  • SPA Rooms
  • Pier with Local Marina
  • Wedding Chapel
  • Wedding Hall

In Cocco Lagoon property owners have the potential to earn up to 25% annually through short-term rentals of your property, along with the increase in property value over time.

Cocco Lagoon will be the first major hotel on the new island of Pemba in Zanzibar. This presents significant opportunities due to limited competition and high accommodation prices.

Return on Investment (ROI): a. Average ROI for new hotels in Zanzibar is 50% annually over 2 years. b. Cocco Lagoon on Pemba is projected to yield approximately 25% annually due to: i. High standard of Cocco Lagoon properties ii. Operating as a 5-star condominium hotel iii. Being the first European-standard hotel on Pemba iv. Offering unique and exceptional tourist attractions within the complex v. Providing the highest standard of hotel service vi. Also, higher rental rates compared to the main island due to fewer hotels on Pemba.

Additionally, investors benefit from property value appreciation driven by the significant development on Pemba: i. Property value may increase by 50%-80% over the next 4-5 years. ii. International airport construction on Pemba, 06.2023 – 12.2025 iii. Extensive road infrastructure development on Pemba iv. Port expansion on Pemba v. Substantial government investment in Pemba to elevate its status similar to the main island, while preserving its uniqueness (fewer hotels, but of much higher standard than the main island). vi. The increase in property value within the Cocco Lagoon complex is also due to investors purchasing individual properties, which will collectively form a 5-star standard hotel with full tourist facilities over the next 3 years.

The condominium model at Cocco Lagoon operates as follows:

  1. Property Ownership: Investors purchase individual units within the Cocco Lagoon complex, which may include apartments, bungalows, villas, and penthouses.

  2. Managed Rental Pool: These purchased units become part of a managed rental pool. This means that when owners are not using their property, it can be rented out to guests.

  3. Revenue Sharing: The revenue generated from renting out the units is shared between the property owner and Cocco Lagoon. Typically, this arrangement is 70% to the owner and 30% to Cocco Lagoon.

  4. Professional Management: Cocco Lagoon takes care of property management, including bookings, housekeeping, and maintenance. This ensures that the property is well-maintained and ready for guests.

  5. Facilities and Amenities: Owners and their guests have access to the full range of facilities and amenities provided by Cocco Lagoon, such as the swimming pool, beach area, restaurants, spa, and more.

  6. Limited Owner Stays: Owners can spend up to 6 weeks a year at Cocco Lagoon, with 2 weeks available in the low season, 2 weeks in the mid-season, and 2 weeks in the high season.

  7. Capital Appreciation: Over time, the value of the property is expected to appreciate, thanks to the development on Pemba island, including the construction of an international airport.

  8. Group Rental System: Cocco Lagoon employs a Group Rental system, ensuring fairness and collective benefit for all property owners. The rental income is distributed based on a point-based system, regardless of whether the property is rented out or vacant.

By investing in Cocco Lagoon, you not only acquire a piece of paradise but also have the potential to earn a steady rental income and benefit from the property’s appreciation in value over time. It’s a unique opportunity that combines luxury living with smart investment potential.


Cocco Lagoon Condo Hotel will be responsible for building and managing all of the common parts and properties. Cocco Lagoon will manage bookings, proper functioning of common areas, dining, cleaning and all the other guest services.

The owner will not have the possibility to rent the property on his/her own. This is prohibited by the regulations of Cocco Lagoon and the laws of Zanzibar.

Cocco Lagoon and The Owners will split the benefits as 70% to 30% of Gross Profit.

1. Owner’s Stay Rules

The Owner’s stay is limited to a maximum of 6 weeks per year.

i. During the high season, only Owners and their close ones can inhabit the property as part of the Owner’s Stay. Arrival without the Owner is not permitted. In mid and low seasons, any person designated by the owner may occupy the property.

ii. A maximum of 14 days is allowed in the peak season.

iii. A minimum of 14 days is required in the low season.

iv. The remaining 14 days are to be spent in mid-seasons.

v. If the Owner wishes to extend their stay beyond the Owner’s Stay, an additional fee of 80% of the nightly rate, according to hotel prices, is charged for each extra day. This rate is either half of the 100% booking price or fixed owner prices. During this time, the owner must be present and may have friends over.

vi. The property does not participate in the rental operator system and does not generate income during the Owner’s Stay.

vii. If the Owner waives all or part of the Owner’s Stay, their property is included in group rentals for a longer period, generating more income.

viii. Cleaning of the property is complimentary during the Owner’s Stay.

ix. Each Owner’s Stay must be registered and confirmed through the Cocco Lagoon Rental Center.

2. Owner’s Stay Daily Costs

The daily cost for the Owner’s Stay is $15 per adult, $7.5 per child up to 13 years of age, and free for children up to 4 years of age, which includes breakfast, cleaning, electricity, and water. Pets are not allowed in the hotel.

3. Utility Billing at Cocco Lagoon Hotel

a. Each apartment and villa is equipped with water and electricity meters.

b. During rental periods, water and electricity costs are included in the overall rental charge. The Operator is responsible for their provision and settlement within the Group Rental system.

c. During the Owner’s Stay, water and electricity costs are borne by the Owners, included in the $15 daily fee per person.

The Condominium Act No. 10 of 2010 allows both Zanzibaris and foreigners to purchase houses and flats in condominium complexes located, among others, on Pemba Island.

Yes. Zanzibar is an archipelag which consists of two big islands – Unguja (popularly known as Zanzibar) and Pemba (a new tourist destination) and lots of islets.

People from all over the world buy real estate in our complex, customers from Oman, whose roots come from Pemba, East Africans, Europeans, as well as Americans, who in many cases have ancestors in this part of the world.

Buyers receive an official certificate of ownership. This title is legally inherited. The property can also be sold or given as a gift. 

The land on which the properties for sale are located is a 33-year perpetual lease issued to Zanglory Investments Ltd. The legal basis is LAND TENURE ACT No. 12 of 1992. Such limitations result from the essence of a limited good, which is land on the islands of the Zanzibar Archipelago. 

Zanglory Investments Ltd. is implementing the Cocco Lagoon project which is approved and controlled by ZIPA – the Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority.

If you have any doubts, contact a lawyer or ask at:
Zanzibar Investment Promotion Agency ZIPA, Maruhubi Complex, P.O. Box 2286, Zanzibar, Tanzania
Email: info@zipa.go.tz
Tel: 255 24 2233026

Yes, in an increasingly favorable investment climate and with a whole bunch of new incentives, Pemba hopes to attract fresh entrepreneurs in the blue economy sector (industries related to the sea and fisheries), as well as in manufacturing, luxury tourism, gastronomy, and in the events and sports sector(s), among others.

Yes, there are hospitals on both Pemba and Unguja islands. Hospital on Pemba is called Abdulla Mzee Hospital and is located in Mkoani. Hospital on Unguja is called Tasakhtaa Global Hospital. It is possible to purchase international insurance or directly on Zanzibar. The Zanglory Investments Ltd. team are more than happy to present you with possible insurance options and on-site treatment possibilities.

Pemba is safe, the local community respect all people alike, including foreign investors and tourists. In the evening, you can safely explore the capital of Pemba – Chake Chake.

On the islands of Zanzibar, the temperature varies between 25 and 32 degrees Celsius throughout the year. The short rainy season is in mid-December for about 10 days, and the long rainy season is from March to May. The water in the ocean is very warm all year round.

The currency is the Tanzanian Shilling (TZS). In places prepared for tourists, it is possible to pay in United States Dollars (USD). The vast majority of payments are in cash. American dollars can be easily exchanged in Chake Chake (a city about 30 minutes from Cocco Lagoon).

Yes, it is necessary to obtain a tourist visa that entitles you to travel around Zanzibar for 90 days. This visa costs US$50 per person. The visa can be purchased upon arrival at the airport on Zanzibar or directly on the website of the Tanzanian consulate.

Zanzibar belongs to GMT+3 time zone.

The first and by far the fastest method is to fly by plane from Kisauni Airport in Unguja to the airport in Chake Chake on Pemba. The flight takes approximately 20 minutes. 
The operators are local airlines that offer several flights per day, namely; Auric Air Services Ltd. and Charterlines, Inc.

For sea transport enthusiasts, we suggest a ferry that departs from the port in Stone Town and sails to the town of Mkoani on Pemba. The average travel time is 7 hours.
The most promoted operator is Azam Marine and sails 4 times a week.

Yes, there is an airport on the island of Pemba. Lately the government decided to expand it to the International Airport which will be able to serve 750 000 passengers per year. 230 milions of dollars will be invested in this expansion.

Yes, there is a port in Mkoani on Pemba, which is currently being modernized and expanded.

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