About us

Investor and Founder

Hello, I am Grzegorz Adamczak. I am the founder and investor of the Cocco Lagoon project – Your Residence on the Indian Ocean and the owner of Zanglory Investments Ltd, registered in Zanzibar. 

Our adventure with Zanzibar began with LOVE… the blue ocean, tropical sun, and heavenly atmosphere which made us want to live here. We decided to build a luxurious housing estate here on Pemba so that you can have the opportunity to live on the paradise island.

Grzegorz Adamczak

About The Company

Zanglory Investments (Smc – Private) Company Limited is registered under number Z0000107971 with BPRA – the Zanzibar Business and Property Registration Agency. The company is implementing the Cocco Lagoon investment under the supervision of ZIPA – the Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority – our Certificate No. is ZIPA/0520/. Our mission is to make Pemba Island a new, popular tourist and investment destination in East Africa.

Our team

Sales and Marketing Manager
Anna Adamczak
Sales and Marketing Specialist
Jakub Kaźmierczak
Sales Representant
Sara Łapszyńska-Popiel
Sales Representant
Datius Deodatus
Sales Representant
Clemence Kimaro
HR & Admin Assistant
Kevin Evance
Sławomir Skorupski
External Sales Agent
Sławomir Skorupski
Construction & Tendering
Kenneth Edu Gondwe
Legal Department & Public Relations
Tawfiq Bushir Hassan
Local Community Coordinator
Said Amour Said
Finance & Accounting
Fatma Hemed Suleiman

More of Our Investments

The Nowe Młyny Radzewa investment is a modern housing estate consisting of 2-unit and 4-unit buildings, located in a beautiful area, in the vicinity of nature, in western Poland – near the city of Poznań. Construction began in the spring of 2021 and 3 stages of the investment have already been built. The construction and sales were successful – most of the buildings in our estate are inhabited or bought out. Due to the great interest, there are plans to build the next stages in spring 2023.


Join the group of people who trust us.

Our partners

The company’s most important task is to mediate the purchase and sale of Real Estate – With many years of experience in servicing individual clients and commercial entities. Royal Solutions is a licensed Real Estate agency. They have a team of professionals in various fields, to offer services at the highest level. Our Partners are Brokers in several places around the world, such as Spain and the United States.


Afro Divers is a new Diving Center located on Pemba Island, in the Zanzibar Archipelago of the Republic of Tanzania. It is a young company yet the team has great experience in their field of work and is very well-trained.​ Most of the members are from Pemba and are very glad to work hand in hand with the village. They are an international dive center, and the team communicates in English, Italian, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, and Swahili.

Enjoy the great diving experience with Afro Divers on Pemba! 

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