Villa Makuti

Villa Makuti is a fusion of modernity and the beauty of local traditions.

Makuti refers to the leaves of palm trees, used as a material to make fences, baskets and roofs, especially on the coast of East Africa. Villas Makuti are a combination of comfort and functionality as well as elements that are characteristic of Zanzibari architecture.
An ideal place for lovers of an authentic, exotic atmosphere and open spaces where people live close to nature. The roof of the property is made in a traditional African style using thatch, and the walls and floors will be finished with polished concrete and naturally occurring rocks.
The whole villa is complemented by delightful decorations made of wood and Tanga Stone.

Invest in one of Villas Makuti and enjoy the great profit of 25% a year from rentals in condominium model.
Come for holidays in your beautiful villa and enjoy all the facilities and attractions in Cocco Lagoon.

Cocco Lagoon intends to have only build 4 Makuti Villas with a swimming pool in the Cocco Lagoon complex.

The Villa Makuti Residence has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a pantry. What makes it unique is the open living room with a kitchen island and an outdoor shower. All the Makuti Villas have a guaranteed ocean view, and we are confident that they will be sold in the first stage of construction, as they are located on the coastline by a sandy beach. Each Villa Makuti has its own tropical garden with a swimming pool, and a covered, spacious terrace will be an ideal place to rest or work in the shade of banana leaves and coconut palms.


od $699 999

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Ground floor

Top floor

Property finishing standards:

The owner of an apartment, villa, and bungalow receives the property finished turnkey, according to the following standard:


  • All built-in furniture (concrete)
  • Finished floors,
  • Painted walls,
  • Installed windows, internal and external doors
  • Finished bathrooms (polished concrete or ceramic tiles depending on the type of property)
  • Lamps, fans, water heater with solar panel, smoke detector
  • Finished external terraces
  • Finished swimming pools if the property has a pool
  • Fencing with wooden pickets

Not included:

  • Air conditioning
  • Movable furniture
  • Shower glass in the bathroom
  • Kitchen, if not permanently built-in
  • Mirrors in bathrooms
  • Interior decorations (additional mirrors, paintings, huge vases with plants)
  • Window blinds

When purchasing a property, owners are obligated to purchase the furnishings and furniture for their properties from the Developer, in order to standardize the properties for rental purposes, management and repair of appliances and furniture.

Optionally available: 

  • setting up a beautiful tropical garden, 
  • the possibility of buying private parking spaces, 
  • green energy


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