Invest and Earn in 25% a year in Cocco Lagoon

Why Cocco Lagoon is an unique investment?

At Cocco Lagoon, you’ll earn 25% of the rental income every year through the condominium model!

Moreover, we take care of all the details: from managing rentals to guest services and the smooth operation of the hotel. Your role is simply to enjoy the returns and take relaxing vacations at your property in Cocco Lagoon.

Additionally, in the next few years, the value of the properties in Cocco Lagoon Hotel is expected to increase significantly. Pemba, being a still-developing island, has attracted significant investments from the government of Zanzibar.

Soon Pemba will become a world-known tourist destination, similar to her sister island Unguja, typically known as Zanzibar.
This presents you with a prime opportunity to invest now and capitalize on the island’s growth, thereby increasing the value of your investment.

Don’t miss a great investment opportunity! 

Why Pemba?

Paradise Island

International Airport

New Roads

Expanding Port

Government Investments

Besides being a beautiful island with stunning beaches, clear waters, and lush nature (you can find out more about Pemba’s beauty here), it’s also a paradise for investments. It hasn’t been overrun by tourists yet, but that surely will change in the future, so now is a perfect time to invest.

Additionally, the Zanzibar government is currently focusing on developing the island. Here are some examples of the investments being carried out:

  • Expansion of the international airport in Pemba (06.2023 – 12.2025) to accommodate 750 thousand passengers annually, for which the government has signed a contract for 230 million dollars.

  • Significant development of road infrastructure on the island of Pemba.

  • Expansion of the port in Pemba.

  • Massive financial investments by the government of Zanzibar in Pemba – the aim is to bring Pemba to a similar status as the main island of Unguja, while preserving its uniqueness (fewer hotels, but of much higher standard than on the main island of Zanzibar).


How to earn with Cocco Lagoon?

It’s a breeze! Once you acquire your property, we’ll handle everything from constructing your property and the entire Cocco Lagoon Hotel, to overseeing the entire complex and shared areas. We’ll also manage the reservation system, guest services, and dining facilities, and more. You can just relax and enjoy your investment!

The return on investment from rentals is estimated at 25% per year.
Cocco Lagoon and The Owners will split the benefits as 70% to 30% of Gross Profit.
Learn more about the conditions of the rentals here.

Below you can find an estimation of the gross profit per year for each villa and apartment – based on average hotel rates, occupancy rates, and forecasted costs.

Monthly Service Charge

Estimated benefits for apartments owners

* Table shows the maximum profit that you can generate while renting your property all year round and not using your owner stay period. Each owner stay decreases your profit.

Get the maximum annual investment return by buying your property at a lower price in the early stage of the project.
With time the prices will raise so the annual investment return will descrease.

Estimated benefits for villas owners

The profit is reduced by the costs of guests’ transfers to the airport, check-in, check-out, cleaning, breakfast and booking service. Tables show the profit after this reduction.

Get the maximum annual investment return by buying your property at a lower price in the early stage of the project!
With time the prices will raise so the annual investment return will descrease.

Our residences

Apartments Blue Lagoon

od $81 999

from 31,97 m² to 186,18 m²

Studios | 2-Bedroom Apartments | Penthouses

Bungalow Nakupenda

od $299 000

111 m²

1 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom | 1 Kitchen


od $699 999

223 m²

3 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms | 1 Kitchen


od $570 000

240 m²

4 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms | 1 Kitchen

We offer:

  • property management,
  • hotel management,
  • bookings advertisement and management,
  • wifi
  • 24/7 reception and concierge service: Check – in/ Check – out/ 
  • housekeeping – towels and cosmetics included,
  • HB/ All Inclusive option serve in 2 restaurants.
  • comprehensive maintenance and service of property, swimming pool and garden,
  • airport transfers, tours and tourist attractions (chargeable for guests)
  • access to a big swimming pool (lagoon), beach area with a bar, SPA, water sports center and volleyball court; gym, doctor’s office, coworking space, shop, laundry,  car and motorcycle rentals. (some of the services are extra chargeable for guests)

Buy and sell a property

The increase in the value of the property in Cocco Lagoon over time is estimated at 12% per year.

2025 is the deadline of the Cocco Lagoon Resort development. That is the target year when investment will be completed including all the facilities: 2 restaurants, a big lagoon with a swimming pool, a beach bar, SPA, water sports center, gym and coworking space – all located on the seashore of the paradise beach of the Indian Ocean.

In the year 2025, Your property would have already reached major growth in value, that will give you amazing opportunities to sell it on the secondary market.  According to the Condominium Act No. 10 of 2010 you have full Rights to sell your property in Cocco Lagoon.

Our Sales and Legal Departments will be happy to assist You in this process.

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