Zanzibar News: 6,000 fruit trees planted by government program

Zanzibar’s government, alongside various partners, has kicked off an impressive campaign to plant fruit trees. According to Hamza Hassan Juma, the Acting Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation, Natural Resources, and Livestock, a total of 6,454 trees were planted in 2023 as part of this effort.

Minister Hamza also disclosed that the government is actively pursuing a decade-long program aimed at replenishing greenery by introducing a variety of tree species, including native ones.

Acknowledging the grave issue of fruit trees being indiscriminately chopped down for furniture and urban expansion, Minister Hamza assured that the government is committed to intensifying patrols and enforcing measures to curb environmental degradation across the nation.

Responding to concerns raised by Mwanakwerekwe Representative Ameir Abdalla Ameir regarding the rampant cutting of fruit trees, Minister Hamza emphasized the severity of the problem. He warned that if left unaddressed, Zanzibar could soon face a dire shortage of fruits for local consumption.

Encouraging islanders to refrain from unnecessary tree felling, Minister Hamza urged them to embrace the practice of planting fruit and forest trees for both personal use and the well-being of the environment.


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