Zanzibar News: Announcement of the Magnificent 70-Story Domino Tower, Second Tallest Builiding on the Continent

Zanzibar Domino Tower, a new megaproject on the island of Zanzibar, promises to bring a new dimension of luxury and innovation to East Africa. Located on a man-made island spanning 3,982,646 square feet, connected by a bridge to the west coast of Zanzibar, this project has the potential to become the second tallest building in Africa and the largest hotel in the region.

This massive mixed-use development covering 370,000 square meters will comprise 560 residential apartments and two luxury hotels, all housed within 360 “dominoes” encircling a marina. Emmanuel Umoh, CEO of Crowland Management Ltd, emphasized that the tower has the potential to become an iconic landmark attracting tourists and culture enthusiasts, while also offering new business opportunities.

Zanzibar Domino Tower is envisioned as an emblematic tourist destination, set to be realized on a 20-hectare site stretching 4 km long. The plan includes recreational, entertainment, retail, and residential programs, with standout features such as an island resort with a golf course and a wedding chapel on a private islet. The tower will also feature 560 residential units and 5 and 6-star hotel and spa facilities.

Zanzibar is gaining increasing recognition worldwide, and its development is rapidly accelerating. Therefore, investing in the Zanzibar Archipelago presents a promising opportunity for those seeking investment prospects in a dynamically growing region.

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