Construction Update: Finalizing Apartment A, Apartment B Foundations, and Expanding Road Infrastructure

The last two weeks of work on Cocco Lagoon were spent finishing Apartment A! Work on the Penthouse roof is coming to an end, and we can now not only see the overall shape of the building but also the beginnings of finishing work. The apartments are taking shape, and soon we will be focusing on painting work. The planned completion date for the building is April 2024.

We are also working on the main road infrastructure of the complex. We have already leveled the main routes, and in the coming weeks, we will lay the pavement.

We have also started work on Apartment B. We are slowly finishing the foundations and will begin work on the ground floor of the building.

We also have fantastic news – Bungalow Nakupenda 02 is now at the interior finishing stage! The final exterior painting and plastering work has been completed, and our specialists are already starting the finishing touches!

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