Schedule of construction works and payments

1000 USD

Reservation fee for an Apartment

5000 USD

Reservation fee for Villa, Bungalow or Penthouse

The payment should be made within 3 business days after signing the Reservation Agreement

  • first instalment

    ONLY 9% + 5% ownership transfer costs at the time of signing the Purchase Agreement

    Payments must be made within 3 business days after signing the Sales Purchase Agreement

  • second instalment

    25% after the substructure is built (expected 3-4 months after the first instalment)

  • third instalment

    25 % at the moment of completion of the superstructure without the roof (expected 3-4 months after the second instalment)

  • fourth instalment

    21 % at the moment of completion of the roof and the MEP installations (expected 3-4 months after the third instalment)

  • fifth instalment

    20 % (- booking fee) at the time of the end of construction (expected 3-4 months after the fourth instalment)

  • Optionally

    The process of setting up the garden will take up to 14 working days from the end of construction

Personalised payment plan

At the customer’s request, the installment payment system, number of installments and their amounts can be individually modified for each contract. It is possible to pay installments in Zanzibar in cash. If you are interested in arranging an personalised payment plan for you, please contact us.

Monthly Service Charge

Owners of Residences in Cocco Lagoon pay a Monthly Service Charge of $2.95/m2 excluding the area of ​​the associated garden. The fee must be paid for the year in advance, which ensures the smooth operation of the Condominium.
The above fees cover common costs such as:
– estate management,
– protection of the estate,
– gardening of common areas,
– removal of waste and liquid impurities,
– land lease tax,
– maintaining the reception and concierge 24/7,
– service and care of common and recreational areas – beach, lagoon, greenery, roads, lighting of the complex.

Payments will be charged from January 2024.

Phases of Construction

Phase 1

01.2023 – 12.2023
1 Villa Makuti
5 Bungalows Nakupenda
2 Villas Jameela
1 Block of Apartments
Pemba Restaurant

Phase 2

12.2023 – 06.2024
8 Bungalows Nakupenda
2 Villas Jameela
2 Blocks of Apartments

Phase 3

07.2024 – 03.2025
3 Villas Makuti
2 Villas Jameela
8 Bungalows Nakupenda
2 Blocks of Apartments
Lagoon Pool
Tropicana Restaurant

Phase 4

04.2025 – 12.2025
5 Villas Makuti
3 Blocks of Apartments
Beach bar
Water sports

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