Rental and Owner's Stay Conditions

  1. Rental Restrictions

Self-rental of the property is not allowed as per Cocco Lagoon regulations and Zanzibar law.

2. Owner’s Stay Rules

The Owner’s stay is limited to a maximum of 6 weeks per year.

i. During the high season, only Owners and their close ones can inhabit the property as part of the Owner’s Stay. Arrival without the Owner is not permitted. In mid and low seasons, any person designated by the owner may occupy the property.

ii. A maximum of 14 days is allowed in the peak season.

iii. A minimum of 14 days is required in the low season.

iv. The remaining 14 days are to be spent in mid-seasons.

v. If the Owner wishes to extend their stay beyond the Owner’s Stay, an additional fee of 80% of the nightly rate, according to hotel prices, is charged for each extra day. This rate is either half of the 100% booking price or fixed owner prices. During this time, the owner must be present and may have friends over.

vi. The property does not participate in the rental operator system and does not generate income during the Owner’s Stay.

vii. If the Owner waives all or part of the Owner’s Stay, their property is included in group rentals for a longer period, generating more income.

viii. Cleaning of the property is complimentary during the Owner’s Stay.

ix. Each Owner’s Stay must be registered and confirmed through the Cocco Lagoon Rental Center.

3. Owner’s Stay Daily Costs

The daily cost for the Owner’s Stay is $15 per adult, $7.5 per child up to 13 years of age, and free for children up to 4 years of age, which includes breakfast, cleaning, electricity, and water. Pets are not allowed in the hotel.

4. Utility Billing at Cocco Lagoon Hotel

a. Each apartment and villa is equipped with water and electricity meters.

b. During rental periods, water and electricity costs are included in the overall rental charge. The Operator is responsible for their provision and settlement within the Group Rental system.

c. During the Owner’s Stay, water and electricity costs are borne by the Owners, included in the $15 daily fee per person.

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