Construction Update: Nakupenda Progress & Block A at finishing line!

We are delighted to present the latest construction update on Cocco Lagoon. As we continue to strive for excellence in creating a vibrant and sustainable community, it is our pleasure to share the significant progress made since our last update. And there’s quite a big change – especially in Apartment Building! 

🏢 Apartament Block A: The second floor is officialy DONE! Once again, the team has completed the blockworks for the penthouse. Currently, the blockworks for Apartment A are nearly 95% complete. In the upcoming week, work will continue on the final top slab of the penthouse. The aim is to achieve 100% completion of the main structure for Apartment A by the end of this month.

🏠 Nakupenda 02: For the past two weeks, our conctruction team focused on the completion of main structure of Nakupenda 02 and some othet finishing work – especially the plaster works! As for now the structure of Nakupenda 02 is completed 100% and we’re just started the painting job!
We’re hoping to hand over the building by the end of March!

🚧 Roads:

This is a big one! We’ve stared working on the road infrastructure in Cocco Lagoon! Our machine and trucks are working collectively to move 1500 ton of earthfill! We expect by the end of this week to finish the mobilisation.
Next week plan is to work on roadworks (site based) by making the road levelled, compaction and incorporating some other services along the road.

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