Invest in Cocco Lagoon and earn

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Invest in Cocco Lagoon and earn

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Invest in the first 5* Condominium Hotel on Pemba Island – Cocco Lagoon and earn 25% annually from renting your property. 

Invest, relax and earn.

We offer you a perfect blend of paradise holidays on Pemba Island, Zanzibar with a unique investment opportunity of earning a high, stable income.

Why to invest?

  1. Passive Income: Investing in Cocco Lagoon is your chance to get 25% of profit annually without doing anything.
  2. Investment Security: Property in Poland secured until the building is erected.

  3. Prestigious Location: Zanzibar is currently the number 1 tourist location in all of Africa.

  4. Investment Accessibility: Opportunity to invest starting from 69 999 USD.

  5. Dynamic Development of Pemba: Pemba, Zanzibar’s sister island, for which the government received a 428 million dollar loan for development.

  6. Expansion of Pemba’s Airport: Increasing passenger capacity to 750,000 annually.

  7. Investments in Healthcare Infrastructure: Construction of 4 new hospitals.

  8. Fantastic Location: Property for sale in the first line of the oceanfront.

  9. Value Growth: Annual property value increase of about 20%.

Apartments from $69 999

Choose between a cozy Studio Apartment, family 2-Bedroom Apartment and luxury Penthouse

Villas from $259 000

Choose between romantic Bungalow Nakupenda, African-style Villa Makuti and modern Villa Jameela.

About Cocco Lagoon

Cocco Lagoon is the prime condo hotel with all the ammenities such as pool, restaurants, bars, beautiful beach, gym, SPA and all the other ammenities. We offer a simple business model where the owner can stay up to 6 weeks a year in his property and the rest of the year his property is rented as a part of the hotel. Cocco Lagoon manages everything about the hotel maintance and the rentals so you don’t have to worry about anything else than collecting your income. Benefits are shared 70% for the owner and 30% for Cocco Lagoon.

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